The Eye

Paola Fuentes
The pointe shoe is the pen, the stage my canvas, every move is a word, and the routine is my story. There is nothing like that standing ovation when the landing of the final pirouette is perfect and everyone is yelling my name. In that moment, I know that all my hard work finally payed off. But then I open my eyes. All that disappears. I am just in ballet practice, standing in front of a mirror, doing the final pose, and thinking “there’s still a long way to go.” My story is just beginning. It’s not about getting to that ovation, it’s about the learning experience, and what it takes to get there. Never show weakness, but always seem delicate. Always stay strong, never look stiff. It takes a lot of effort to accomplish these tasks all at once, but the hardest part is to make it all look effortless.

Paola Fuentes, The Storm Writer

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