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Abigayle Boquette
I am Abi Boquette, a tenth grade student at Saint John’s. I am from Michigan; a place that is not similar to Puerto Rico one bit. The main changes were from riding the bus to school, to walking everyday. I would always go sledding in the winter, but now I grab my towel and go to the beach. Being in journalism has made a big impact on my life. A Different culture and environment can be expressed and learned about through an article, I guess thats what makes me connect so much with writing. Although, When I’m in Puerto Rico, You can usually find me walking my dog Duke, hanging out with friends, or curling up on the couch watching Law and Order SVU with my mom. Catch me on the eye writing about the students and faculty of Saint Johns.

Abigayle Boquette, The Storm Writer

Oct 12, 2018
Giving Chances To All (Story)
Your 360 View of Saint John's and Beyond