The Eye

Felipe Our Poet

Carolina Camacho, Writer

May 10, 2019

Felipe Albors has had a lot of firsts this year! Most recently, he was the first student at Saint John's to compete in the Poetry Outloud competition in Washington, DC. Poetry Out Loud is a program that Saint John's students have...

Cooking Srta.

Cooking Srta.

November 28, 2018

Substitute Teachers

Alejandro Latorraca, Creative Writing

September 18, 2018

Many people would want a substitute teacher everyday, but then it wouldn’t really be a substitute, would it? No, I get it. They want to laze and arrange themselves in the most comfortable positions attainable on a school desk,...

I am a product of myself

Ramiro Garcia, Creative Writing

September 18, 2018

No. I don't know what being taught how to ride a bike by your dad feels like. Yes. I had to scratch my knee on the concrete to learn what balance is. No. I don't know what being taught to play baseball by your dad feels like....

when nice was the norm

Sofia Langan, Creative Writing

September 12, 2018

Dented teeth. Follow your dream. Be unique. A few extra pounds were cute. The more piggy tails, the better. A doctor, a firefighter, an astronaut. The possibility of the impossible. Speaking your mind wasn’t annoying, o...

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