She Kills Monsters – Recap

November 22, 2019

On Friday November 8th, grades 9-12 went to the Sagrado Corazon Theater to watch a play performed by Saint John’s School Students. The play, titled She Kills Monsters, was based on the game Dungeons and Dragons and took place during the 90’s. The play was a dramedy filled with both comedic and nostalgic references which balanced out the drama in the play. This also kept the audience laughing throughout the presentation.

The play is about a girl named Agnes who was trying to connect with her dead sister, Tilly, through a D&D campaign her sister made before she died. Along the way she met many of her sister’s friends and connected with them. In the end, Agnes finds a new hobby and meets new friends that she thought she would never connect with.

At the end of the play the audience applauded the actors for their hard work and great performance. The audience also gave very positive feedback to the actors after the play for their great performance.

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