Saint John’s vs Saint Francis – Volleyball Final

November 18, 2019


On Wednesday, October 30 the Varsity Girls volleyball team embarked on what would be a very challenging game for the title of “Champions” against Saint Francis.

Emotion, tension, and excitement were high before the game. Students of the Saint John’s School body were there to support their team with drums and air horns. They got the chance to leave on the bus with the players and watch this anticipated game. This was going to be an intense game because they had lost against Saint Francis before. The players fought with the mentality of winning and they threw there hearts and souls out in the court. The first set ended with our Saint John’s School’s hurricanes winning 25 to 23.

The second set was devastating when it ended with a very close loss. After the hurricanes lost the set, you could clearly see the frustration in players and in Coach Yarleen Santiago’s eyes, after missing a clear chance to win. The players’ motivation was lowered after the second set and the stress level was high. Due to this, the third set ended 15 to 8. After the loss, devastation spread throughout players and fans, nevertheless, they had a great season and some great feats along the way. The Varsity girls will be remembered for their hard-work and determination, off and on the court.

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