Ana Soler – Performing Arts Teacher ( Interview )

November 4, 2019

On Thursday October 3 we interviewed Ana Soler, we talked about the upcoming play, her professional career, and her qualifications for teaching at Saint Johns.

Ana joined school around January of 2019, she had an immediate impact on her students and took on big roles for upcoming projects including this year’s play. She came to Saint Johns after a long and successful career as an actress and director. Mrs. Soler stated, “I feel like I am a teacher at heart,” she started teaching because she felt like it was time for her give back to the arts and sharing her knowledge with those who share her passion. She loves the two-way exchange between her, and her students in which they feed off and share each other’s knowledge and experience, she states “As an artist you can never stop learning”. She also feels like the school hosts a great environment and fully accepts the arts which she thinks is a great thing to have in a school.

Ana got interested in the arts at a young age, but she didn’t think about going professional at first. It wasn’t after she was invited to join her university’s resident dance company that she really clicked on and decided that the arts were her calling. This was such a life changing moment, because she was a pretty sporty person who was conscious of her body at the time therefore, she didn’t think she would get in. When she finally got the invitation to join the company, she was so surprised and happy. When she performed with the crew, she felt really at home, it brought her so much joy, and this made her decide that she was going to be doing this for the rest of her life, paving a path for a long and successful career. Ana worked in many realms of the arts including directing, acting in plays, and acting on screen, her prefernce being acting in plays. She performed in some big projects including La Otra Familia a successful movie, and La Fiesta del Chivo where she actually got to perform in front of the world-renowned playwright and writer of La Fiesta del Chivo, Mario Vargas Llosa. 

This year Ana decided to use the play She Kills Monsters for the school’s play. It is a dramatic comedy that goes through the life of a girl who is still trying to figure life out, deal with her younger sister’s death and find happiness. It presents some very serious topics in a sort of light fashion which has gotten her students really into the play, engaging them in a way that allows them to act and perform at very professional standard. The play will be performed on November 8 at Teatro Emilio Belaval in Sagrado Corazón. There will be two shows one for the students in the morning, and one for parents and anyone else who wants to watch later on in the day. 

In conclusion Ana is loving Saint John’s so far and has really been able to influence her students in a positive way. She and her cast have been putting a lot of work lately so, be sure to go watch the play on November 8 at the Teatro Emilio Belaval in Sagrado Corazón.

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