Boys JV / Varsity Soccer VS Cupeyville

October 28, 2019

On October 7th, the SJS Boys Varsity Soccer Team scored a win againsthe Cupeyville Hawks, with a final score of 1-0. In this season, the Hurricanes have a 3:1 win-loss ratio so far. The game was intense, with both teams sprinting after the ball and fighting for possession. The Hurricanes were the dominant team, with more possession and control of the ball. Eitan scored in the first half, recovering the ball after an unsuccessful penalty shot. 

Before the game, the team warmed up with a series of exercises, including stretching, passing the ball through the air, and footwork drills. Shortly afterwards, the game kicked off with a penalty kick by the Hawks, which was blocked by the goalie, Jaime Pedraza. Although they had scoring opportunities, both teams missed shots, before Eitan made a goal late in the first half. He attempted a penalty kick, after being aggressively fouled, but was blocked by the Hawks’ goalie, who kicked the ball away from the goal. But not far enough away, as Eitan rushed forward and shot the ball past the goalie straight into the net. Frustrated by the Hurricanes’ lead, play in the second half became rougher, with Cupeyville desperate for a point to even the score. An SJS player was tackled by an opponent, resulting in a penalty kick for the Hurricanes, which was unfortunately blocked. No more points were scored in the remainder of the game, ending in win for SJS.  

Directly afterward, the Varsity soccer game began. Early in the first half, Cupeyville shot the ball towards the goal, fortunately hitting the post. Later, a foul was called on SJS, giving the opposing team a free kick opportunity, which they missed. Diego Serrano shot the first and only goal in the game, blazing past Cupeyville’s defenders before shooting the ball into the goal. The game ended with a final score of 1:0, resulting in another win for SJS. 

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