Teacher Spotlight: Thomas Johnson – English 7th & 10th

October 4, 2019

Thomas Johnson, a new secondary department English teacher took time off of his busy day to tell us a little bit about himself, and what he is looking to accomplish in Saint John’s School.

Mr. Johnson has a bachelors degree, masters degree and a TESOL for teaching English as a second language. Thomas is currently teaching 7th and 10th grade and is very exhilarated to keep building a good relation with each one of his students. He enjoys the drastic change in attitudes between 7th and 10th graders and has taught all over the world in places like Italy and Spain. He wants to experience different languages and religions because he says, “You never know what’s out there.” As he tries to adapt to Saint John’s School’s environment he immediately enjoys the easy access in resources like the “fitness room” and he enjoys the freedom and relaxing environment the school provides.

Thomas Johnson is originally from New York and has worked in many different jobs ranging from being a singer/dancer to working in different military branches. Thomas attended a church choir in his childhood, and then went to a high school for music in which he became friends with a band called Pentatonix that went on to win various Grammys. After all the hard work, it led to that group winning a grammy with his class in his senior year. Thomas then went on to join a dance group called “Awakening Dance Group”. He and his crew then went on to preform in various stages on national TV, such as Americas Got Talent (AGT). Thomas and his group exceeded expectations and went on to get invited to preform in Las Vegas, making it all the way to the fourth round.

In conclusion, Thomas is hoping to have a great year in SJS and is excited to keep meeting new peopled and creating good relationships with his peers. Furthermore, he is looking forward to learning the diverse culture of Puerto Rico and to find all the hidden gems around the island.

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