Plastic Protest at Saint John’s

October 3, 2019

Children chant, “No more plastic,” as they walk through the halls. Their voices echoing on the walls of Saint John’s School. Elementary students hold up their poster as high as their little bodies can reach. On Friday, September 13 at 8:10 to 8:30, everyone gathered in the Carrady Center for the third grader’s protest to ban plastic from our school. They present their reasons in front of the Elementary students; the ocean is polluted with plastic and many turtles and other marine animals die from it. An inspirational video made by the third graders was then presented and projected in the room. Everyone’s attention was captured. “Plastic is bad, it makes the ocean very sad,” they said. When the video finished the children break into a song, the melody of the lyrics flowing into our ears. “We need to wake up, we need to wise up, we need to open our eyes and do it now! Now! Now!” They threw their hands up as they sang. “We need to build a better future, and we need to start right now.” The words of this song resonate with us as everyone make their way to Ashford Court for the second part of the protest.

While moving from place to place, teachers had musical instruments in their hands, such as maracas that make the kids dance to the rhythm. We hear excited children yell to ban plastic, holding up their posters as if their life depended on it. Once the elementary students met with the high schoolers at Ashford Court, everyone was dancing, chanting, and singing. The energy that filled the place was incredible. It livened up the teachers, the students, and all who joined the protest.

The third grader’s solution to getting rid of the plastic is to promote the use of reusable utensils. Everyone in the school was given a kit with metal forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks, and even metal straws. This will surely impact the world in a better way. If kids as young as third graders can make such a change, you can too.

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