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October 3, 2019

Last Friday, The Eye was present in a Student Council meeting and we got word of their plans had for the future of the school. In an interview with the student council president, we discussed how plastic utensils were going to be discarded on September 18, 2019 and of the future plans to foster environmental consciousness. Their plans for family day and Homecoming were also discussed on that day.  

We interviewed Felipe Albors, the current Student Council president, and we heard about the metal utensils and how they would replace the plastic ones we currently have in the cafeteria.  They are currently planning a homecoming event in October and a bonding activity was planned for Friday September 20, 2019. With Felipe, we discussed the assembly for environmental consciousness. Students had learned of how the plastic that was thrown out into the water would trap sea turtles and affect our environment.  

The student council wishes to deal with the school’s problems effectively. They’ve been voting on a petition that will solve issues on allowing students are going to play in the gym during recess, an ongoing process that has been going on for around a year.  They plan to implement this for our daily recess among other issues at hand.  

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