The Eye – Audio Seminar


Francisco Santiago

Last Tuesday, Pilar Alamo and Ezequiel Rivera from the WSJS Radio Station led an audio recording seminar for Saint John’s school’s media journalism course. The students were instructed in the inner workings of the microphone, the recording process and the do’s and dont’s of audio recording in interview situations and on the field. This is just one of the steps to take for the class before the media journalism course embarks on the creation of official media content on their website. The Eye’s youtube videos will serve as promotional content for their website as well as content to be used in the school’s social media outlets

Ezequiel Rivera made sure students understood how their TASCAM recorders worked. He put the students in various situations where they would need to make decisions with their audio recording equipment. This included wind intensity, pop filter use, proximity to the subjects being interviewed and recording in noisy areas. Students learned that recording audio is as important as recording video, and the tips he gave were exactly what the students needed to continue learning about journalism and media coverage.

The class is currently led by Francisco Santiago, English teacher from Saint John’s school, he is working alongside Pilar Alamo to create a stronger communications offering in its curriculum. The novelties include podcasts and a new youtube channel which will document, narrate, and be a strong communicator on what is happening in the school throughout the year.

For more information visit their website or contact Mr. Francisco Santiago at [email protected]