Abolish Social Media!

Yong Yan (Cindy) Chan, Writer

You would constantly hear people, ESPECIALLY Youtubers taking a “break” from social media. Either because “they are spending too much time on it, it’s useless, or it’s creating an image of how they should live or be, etc.” However, is it really worth it to log out of your social media life and disconnect yourself from the rest of the world?

Technology is so powerful these days that it even pulls people away from reality. I even feel unsafe without my phone sometimes!”

— Gaby

As we get closer to the end of the year, more projects and exams are being assigned. In this case, it means MORE stress, more work, LESS sleep, and less procrastination. In order to NOT leave everything for the last minute, we would have to plan ahead, follow the schedule, and stay on task.

As a tenth grader in Saint John’s, whenever my work is done before 12 am, I would feel proud of myself as if I have accomplished something impossible. The main reason for this is because I consider myself the biggest procrastinator in this world. I find it crazy how my mind guides me to my phone, and easily convinces me to “spend 15 minutes on it”. I know many of you can relate to this, which is why so many people are taking a rest from social media.

Gabriela Lantigua, a ninth grader, considers herself attached to social media. She finishes everything (homework, chores, volleyball, etc.) around 9:30 pm, but doesn’t go to sleep until midnight. The blame for this is her phone. A lot of us have this same problem.

A recent Pew Research Center survey (August 22, 2018) found some 52% of U.S. teens report taking steps to cut back on their mobile phone use, and 56% of teens associate the absence of their cellphone with at least one of these three emotions: loneliness, being upset or feeling anxious. The study showed, “At the same time, some parents of teens admit they also struggle with the allure of screens: 36% say they themselves spend too much time on their cellphone. And 51% of teens say they often or sometimes find their parent or caregiver to be distracted by their own cellphone when they are trying to have a conversation with them.”

Society is so attached to their phones that we even mistakenly think our cellphone vibrated. Researchers and philosophers call this “phantom vibration syndrome.” One recent study stated that 90% of the people in this world has experienced this syndrome.

So, has Gaby disconnected herself from her social media life? The answer is “YES.” Is it worth it? Surprisingly, a disconnection like this one is ALWAYS WORTH IT.