Bee a Bee: What’s New?!


Alexia Torres, Writer

From lip balms to candles to bar soaps to diffusers (they even have mini car diffusers)…they even have a jewelry line. They’ve got it all! Every product is made by a student. In the development and design of the products we’ve got Alexandra Santiago, Paola Pimentel, Karla Gonzalez, and Alexia Torres (all are part of the 10th grade class).

Although making these products is very time consuming, the faces on the people who buy our products shows how proud they are of us students from Saint John’s.

Alexandra Santiago 

is the proud manufacturer of the candles. These candles come in cute little metal containers and have different scents like Honey, Endless Love, Ylang Ylang, and Pine. Alexandra says that making the candles takes around “4-6 hours to make about 129 candles and then packaging can take up to as much as 1 hour.”

Paola Pimentel

is the producer of both the diffusers and the car diffusers (a glass container with a scented liquid which you put in some wooden sticks that absorb the liquid and release it to the air, making the room or car smell amazing). The scents that Be a Bee provides the consumers are Peppermint, Pine, Lilac, Endless Love, Lavender, Lemon-Lavender, Christmas edition scent, and Ylang Ylang. “Making these products takes up about 2-3 hours. During that time I can make approximately 50 diffusers and 25 car diffusers.”    

Karla Gonzalez 

is the creator of the soaps. These soaps have a scent of honey and some even have a little almond extract to add contrast in the design. She says that to make the soaps “It does take a while due to its intricate design. It takes about 4 hours to make 4 slabs of soap.” She then adds that making her product “is fun and I don’t mind how time consuming it is.”

Isabelle Ramseyer 

creates the lip balms. These lip balms have two scents: Peppermint and Natural Beeswax. She says that even though the manufacturing of the product can be a lengthy process, she sees it as on that is “therapeutic” and “a good way to relax after any stressful moments.” Making lip balms does sound easy however it takes around “1 hour to make approximately 50 lip balms with an additional 30 to an hour packing and labeling.”

Alexia Torres

is the designer and manufacturer of the jewelry line. This jewelry line includes bracelets and necklaces with different types of materials and styles. I would really like to to expand with new jewelry items like earrings or anklets.

It really is a process. First I need to design what I want to do, then I go online and order the material I need. Once the materials arrives, I begin the preparation process which can take me at least 1 hour a day and during the weekend about 4 hours daily.

The quality is a very important thing for me.

We hope you can enjoy some of our products and support Be a Bee!