Love Story


Andrea Colon, Writer

Think of the greatest love stories of all time. What comes to mind?

Romeo and Juliet?


The Fault in Our Stars?

or even Five Feet Apart?

All of these are beautiful and probably make you want a true love of your own, yet it’s not about finding the perfect “Prince Charming.” What if I told you the greatest, most beautiful love you can find is already there. Your Prince Charming is reading this right now.

The deepest, most beautiful love is already within you. I know it’s hard to hear, and may seem kind of silly, but loving yourself is the foundation of any love story. To quote Rupaul: “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?”

Sayra Gonzalez, the school psychologist, fully agrees with the iconic phrase. She believes self love is important because, “if you can’t love and accept yourself it’s very hard to form relationships and love others.”

Sayra also believes that it’s especially hard to love yourself as a teenager. “Adolescence is hard. You’re figuring out who you are, and you might be confronting aspects of yourself that you don’t love.”

Sayra González
Dr. Sayra González, Saint John’s School psychologist

As high schoolers it’s easy to categorize ourselves into cliques, or stereotypes. Each table in the cafeteria represents a different group. The populars, the nerds, the tech geeks, everyone has a place. Unfortunately we have our minds set into fitting in, which is what builds up to self doubt. When you start questioning aspects about yourself that might be “different”  you change these things to feel more accepted but, you also start to lose yourself. Coming to terms with who you are is a process, and a difficult one too. And if you’re not able to at least start with that process of self love during your teenage years, it going to be harder when you’re an adult, and if you are able to build that solid foundation when you’re younger it’s easier to have that to hold onto when you’re older”.    

If you ever feel like you’re not allowed to be yourself  or like your hiding behind a mask please know your not alone. Chances are the people around you are feeling that way too. Let’s brake that barrier, cross the line between wanting to fit in and hiding the parts of you who are unique, and truly beautiful.