SJS Rivals

Claudia Villamil, Writer

School rivalries in sports are something that have existed since forever. There will always be school rivalries in sports. We know the famous ones… San Ignacio against San Jose.

Many teams have one other team in particular that they are more competitive against. This season the SJS JV girls volleyball team was neck and neck with Academia Maria Reina both winning one and one until the final game.

Sabrina D’Elia (10th) says that in her opinion, “Maria Reina is a very competitive team. They have great players just like our team, so it creates competition.” It’s hard to play against such a competitive team especially when many of the girls in opposite teams are friends.

Well, is it always a friendly fight? Is it always just a competitive sportsmanship?

“Many of the girls on both teams are friends, but we are very respectful to each other in the court and outside the court, so we are able to maintain a friendly fight,” says Sabrina. When you have one specific rival it might make you play or feel differently when you play against them. “When I know I’m going to play against Maria Reina I definitely feel nervous as the game gets closer, but once I’m playing it all fades away as I’m in the zone,” says Carolina Camacho.

Yarleen Santiago, girls volleyball coach, when asked if she prepares the team any differently for games, said, “We take every game seriously. We respect our adversary and prepare for them with the maximum and full capacity as we believe that in order to win, we have to perform and execute.”