Saint John’s School’s Spring Break Trip

Claudia Diaz, Writer

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Although Spring Break is only a week long, there are so many things you can do in that week. Many decide to hang out, some to rest, and others travel. All of these sound great! But who wouldn’t take the opportunity to go on a relaxing, and enriching trip? Saint John’s School offers traveling opportunities for Spring Break. This year there was the French and Italian trip, and the Worldstrides Trip. The Worldstride Trip is hosted by Rosalia Eiffert and Olga Alfonzo. They have been traveling on school trips for years, and have gone to various places such as Japan, Spain, and Morocco.This year, the trip was to Southeast Asia, more specifically to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. I was able to attend, and I can definitely say that it was enriching and something I’ll never forget.

In these four countries we visited we experienced amazing things. Vietnam was beautiful. The buildings, the culture, and everything overall. It was fun to see how brands had different labels/ packaging such as Pepsi. One thing is for sure, Vietnam was full of motorcycles. Everywhere you went, you would see a motorcycle, and sometimes they would carry three people at the same time!

  Pepsi's Packaging










In Cambodia we were able to visit beautiful temples. We woke up really early to go to the temples but it was definitely worth it. For the temple Angkor Wat, we woke up super early but the result was a beautiful sunrise that looked amazing in pictures. Besides the sunrise, the temple was made up of a beautiful structure, and it was immense. You could spend a whole day in that temple!

Angkor Wat

Claudia Díaz


After Cambodia, we went to Laos. Laos has these beautiful crystal clear waterfalls. We went to the waterfalls, and got in because the cold water was much needed in the extremely hot temperatures in Laos. Additionally we went to the Tat Kuang Si Bear Centre. It was a sanctuary and we were actually able to feed bears. First we would place the food inside these containers (mostly medicine balls) provided by the sanctuary. Then they took us to a separate area were we threw the containers over the fence, where eventually the bears would get them and eat. This was such an experience as I NEVER thought I would have fed bears.


Lastly we went to Thailand. Here we went to an elephant sanctuary. We learned about the elephants, as well as fed, bathed and even get on the elephants. I will admit I was a bit scared when it came to feeding the elephant, but after the first try it was fun. The elephant I got paired up with was really playful, and loved water. Everyone was having fun as we bonded with the elephants.


Rosalia Eiffert

Our First Meeting with an Elephant

Rosalia Eiffert

Rosalia Eiffert




Another person Marcus Cao, one of the various seventh graders who went on the trip, thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hopes to be able to attend next year’s trip. To him, one of the most impacting thing he saw was the Buddhist Monk Induction in Thailand. This was an eye- opening experience. A video or picture would never be able to capture this moment and have the same impact as seeing it live.


Rosalia Eiffert
















How can I write about all of the amazing things we saw and learned? Every little detail of this trip was special.