SEN19RS- And Off We Go…


*Cue the dramatic music* It’s that time of year; May has arrived and the seniors will soon be leaving. Seniors are overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and excitement, usually a combination of the two. There are, however some cases in which students feel mostly inclined to one side of the spectrum. We decided to write this article together as we seem to be inclined to opposite sides of the spectrum, although we ultimately share similar feelings with regards to the subject. Both of us have been in Saint John’s School for over ten years and have maintained similar academic workload, and both of us have strong feelings with regards to the end of our time in Saint John’s School.


As our final week in Saint John’s comes to an end, I am overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia, so much so that for the past couple of days I caught myself being proud that “I only cried about leaving Saint John’s once today”. To many this may seem excessive, which I totally understand… “College will be the best four years of your life” some say; “The next chapter of your life is an exciting one” they claim. After years and years of saying good morning to Audeli, and receiving a daily hug from Ms. Eiffert, we have gotten used to our routine, our community, therefore the thought of the imminent change that will occur in our lives can be slightly intimidating. Cheesy as it may sound, I know that based on my experience at Saint John’s, I am prepared academically for what is to come, but I am not ready to say goodbye to the community. Yet, who knows what the future holds, after all I was dubbed “Most likely to become the next Headmaster of Saint John’s…”


June 3rd, our graduation day, is quickly approaching, and every day we have less time as seniors left. Although I am ready and excited for change, I still feel the same nostalgia as Jacqui. Leaving a routine I have followed for over 10 years leaves me scared for this drastic change away from my family and friends. Although leaving these habits worries me, I am excited for a new chapter with new academic challenges and less routine. Although this 2018-2019 school year has been one with exciting experiences as a senior, filled with class bonding and necessary down time, it has also been one with little to no challenge or change. After three years of high school, I have seen myself become bored and limited by a curriculum that does not fit all of my interests. College, on the other hand, presents lectures, research classes, new classmates and new teachers that I am excited to be challenged by. Leaving Saint John’s will be difficult, but it is a change I am excited to change and adapt to.

Although both of us have different views on our goodbye to high school, we both value and have loved our experience in Saint John’s; it’s teachers, students and leaders have shaped us to become the students and people we are today. After all, we spend more time in school than at home. We are excited, yet nostalgic, to embark on a new journey away from Saint John’s School, that has been our home for as long as we can remember.