What’s next, Shrek?


Marco de Marsily as Pinocchio

Cecilia Rao, Writer

A big bright beautiful stage. Fairytale creatures singing and dancing for three days straight. Four shows, extreme costumes, and ogres. Shrek the Musical has it all!

On the weekend of March 28-31, SJS produced Shrek the Musical at the Tapia Theatre in Old San Juan. The students who participated worked extremely hard, rehearsing every day for months to put on an amazing show for students, families, and faculty members to enjoy.

The show was an extreme success, considering the countless laughs and tears that could be heard in the audience during every show. Whether it was everybody laughing at Lord Farquaad’s sassy comments or awing due to the very sweet kiss that the Shrek and Fiona shared, the energy and passion felt in the audience was unmatched.

Sara González as Young Fiona, Miranda Bonano as Fiona, and Cecilia Rao as Teen Fiona

The talent displayed in the musical was incredible. The main cast consisted of Felipe Albors as Shrek, Miranda Bonano as Fiona, Amir Trinidad as Donkey, Miguel Mendoza as Lord Farquaad, and Alexandra Santiago as the Dragon. The rest of the cast also danced like they never had before, sung their hearts out, and worked extremely hard to put on the show that they did.

The cast and crew had an amazing time preparing for the show and putting it on. The intricate costumes, sweaty dances, and high notes were extremely difficult to perform, but the hard work was worth it. The final product was beautiful.

After the last show, everyone shared many heartfelt moments. Tears were shed for the seniors, hugs and smiles were contagious, and the feeling of satisfaction after the last show was one that everyone enjoyed. Overall, the whole production was great.

But, after having such a successful show, some people are asking themselves; What’s next?

SJS has a history of putting on amazing musicals, thanks to talented students, the amazing director Marian Pabón, and parents who help the production. But, after every musical, the first question people ask is, “What is the musical gonna be next year?”.

The truth is, nobody knows. 

Every year students hope that it’s something like “Mamma Mia!” or “Grease”. These great musicals would be an awesome choice, but a lot of thought goes into the process of picking the one that is fit for SJS. Students also have no say in what it is; it’s up to the directors and the Board.

Marco de Marsily as Pinocchio

Ultimately, whatever the show is, our talented students are going to be able to pull it off. Many times, students judge the choice of the musical because they’ve “never heard of it” or “think it will be weird”, but every year, the production is amazing. So, instead of worrying about what it will be next year, we should focus on supporting our classmates and maybe even joining the musical cast or crew.

We may not know what next years musical will bring, but hopefully, it will be as successful and fun as Shrek!