Student Spotlight- Carolina Camacho

Nicole Barrocas, Writer

Carolina Camacho is an exemplary student athlete in Saint John’s School. She is a perseverant, dedicated, and hard-working girl who never fails to put her friends, family, teammates and/or coaches before herself.

Carolina has been playing volleyball for 10 years now as a setter and has gotten tremendously far. She is 16 years old and was recently called in to represent Puerto Rico in the 18 year old category National Team.

Tener la oportunidad de representar a tu país es un logro muy bonito e importante. Para nuestra familia es un orgullo ver como la disciplina, tiempo invertido y a su vez mantener un nivel el académico responsable rinde frutos.El deporte ofrece oportunidades que serán de gran ayuda para la vida. Dar el máximo en todo lo que te propones, ser responsable y comprometido son piezas importantes para poder tener éxito en la vida.Te amo hija!!!

— Luis Camacho

As a part of the National Volleyball team of Puerto Rico, Carolina will be traveling to Lima, Peru and Mexico along with her teammates to compete in  La Copa Pan Americana. She is the best of the best and has proven it to not only her family, friends, and coaches but to herself as well. She has proven it by leading her school, GVA club (Guaynabo Volleyball Academy), and beach volleyball teams to countless victories.

Carolina played in the SJS Varsity volleyball team as a sophomore (and no, it was not because there weren’t enough girls to make a team haha, it was because of her incredible skills). All of this success clearly comes with a great deal of dedication. Caro practices four times a week yet still finds the time to complete her school work and study for upcoming tests and quizzes.

As her teammate and friend for more than 7 years now, I have watched her dreams turn into reality and could not be happier for her. The passion she has for volleyball does not come from anyone but herself. Everything she has accomplished has been because of all the sweat and tears she has put into the sport. She deserves this and so much more.

If you see Caro around, make sure to wish her luck in the magnificent milestone she has reached.