No water bottles in the cafeteria?

Valerie Esquilin, Writer

It’s no secret that water bottles are not being sold at SJS anymore. Actually, walk through the cafeteria during lunch and you will hear at least three people say something in relation to the problem. Some students agree that it is better for the environment while others complain about “being dehydrated” or “needing a refreshing drink”.

There have been different opinions on water bottles not being sold anymore…

People want water back! Sometimes we forget to bring our own water bottles from our houses and all that’s being sold is juice, iced tea, or sparkling water. The Administration had been trying extremely hard to get Alive to get rid of water bottles because they’re very bad for environment. Finally, after a lot of planning, Alive got rid of them and the administration sent out an email in the summer that stated that microwaves and water bottles were not going to be available for us anymore. The year started out great until Hurricane Maria occurred and people were scared to drink water that wasn’t in a bottle due to health reasons. Thanks to the hurricane, water bottles were back in the cafeteria and the Administration fought, once again, to make a change and help the environment. So, now we don’t have water bottles and some students have different opinions on it.

One of the teachers from the Science Department, Lyaned Rivera, stated her view on everything:

“The students that have come to talk to me are in my class and they’re happy because they know how it affects the environment. I know that other students that don’t understand think the opposite, but the filters are available for every student and it’s safer than drinking from a water bottle.”

She also said, “Students should know that we’re a green community. By 2050 scientists predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. There is a lot of plastic right now, it becomes micro plastic and the fish eat it so we might digest that micro plastic. Everyone should be informed about what’s happening and try to understand why the administration took the water bottles away.”

Students that are informed about the problem know the reason they were taken away but others should also look into this to understand what’s happening.

An option stated by many students is to bring boxed or canned water to the cafeteria. This is due to the fact that there is always that hurry in the morning and students leave their bottles at home. Also, many students said they want more access to water options in school, besides just the water fountains.

Senior, Jacqui Glago said: “In my opinion, reducing the amount of single-use plastics at school was definitely a step in the right direction and, although it may be controversial among some people, it was a bold and productive move on the school’s behalf. With that being said, I think that the school should offer alternatives to water bottles such as boxed water or flat water in a can (many people don’t drink carbonated water).”

SJS students aren’t against what the Science Department achieved because they understand how bad the plastic bottles are for the environment.

The Science Departments’ motive is only to make the environment better and help make Earth a better place for us to live in.