How Be a Bee came to be

Alexia Torres, Writer

Remember when we came back to school after hurricane María struck Puerto Rico? What was something that struck you? Something that you will never forget? Well, one thing that I will never forget was how there were bees everywhere. After lunch, when you went to put your dishes away, there were so many bees flying around.

As we all know, on the 20th of September 2017, María came to Puerto Rico and destroyed all of the terrestrial features. Entering Puerto Rico it ranked with an astonishing category of 5 and later turning to a category 4. Once Maria had trampled all over Puerto Rico, the damage did not go unseen. An estate in Manatí was greatly affected after losing about 80% of their agriculture and about 90% of the bee population had died. The before and after was unimaginable.

Las abejas son sumamente importante para los seres humanos por su contribución de la polinización hacia la naturaleza es que nosotros los seres humanos tenemos alimentos los cuales sin ellos no podemos sobrevivir. ”

— Isabelle Ramseyer


Someone who took this experience and made something good out of it is Isabelle Ramseyer (10th).

Isabelle says she was on her Instagram account and saw a post mentioning that plates with water containing sugar should be placed outside houses to offer the surviving bees a source of nutrition. This intrigued Isabelle very much, therefore, she kept on researching about the importance of bees in the world. She learned that bees are tremendously important to human life due to their collaboration with our food sources which need pollination from bees.

After doing some research, she had the idea to start an initiative to save bees which led to her speaking with her mother Roselly Ramseyer and one of her teachers, Rosalia Eiffert. Soon after, they created a plan to teach her school and other students in her grade about the importance of bees.

That’s when the Be a Bee Project started. Stay tuned for more news on the Be a Bee initiative.