Mr. Nieves


Natalie Cohen

As you enter Mr. Nieves’ classroom, you can feel how much Saint John’s loves him. In his 16 years of teaching here, he has made a significant impact. Many students appreciate and value him. As you see images of students on his wall you can feel the welcoming atmosphere his classroom has.

It’s no surprise that he is so appreciated by current and past students. Mr. Nieves’ legendary and special attitude makes him a remarkable teacher.

Carlos Nieves studied biology, pre medicine, mathematics, education, and has a master’s in business administration and accounting. He says, “First I wanted to become a doctor (pediatrician), but that year when I went to college, my father passed away so my plans changed because there was no money to pay for college. I needed to study something that I could finish very soon so I could start working. Since I loved mathematics so much, I decided to become a math teacher.” Not only has Nieves worked 36 years as a mathematics teacher, he has also worked in a car rental place and as a model.

Mr. Nieves has an amazing positive attitude, but like anyone, he loses his patience. He gets frustrated “when students have a bad attitude and make my work harder, because attitude helps a lot; if you have a good attitude you’re open to learn. If you don’t, it’s harder for you to learn.”

Many students love Mr. Nieves for different reasons. For example, Claudia Diaz a student currently taking Algebra II with Mr. Nieves, says, “ I like him because of his humor and the way he makes the class laugh and have fun while learning.” Felix Gonzalez, a 10th grader, said that his favorite part about taking algebra with this legendary teacher is that “he dedicates problems to students.” Alexia Torres said, “the way he teaches gives everything a twist.” Marco Vazquez is currently taking Algebra II with Nieves and said, “the way he talks and the slangs he uses makes me learn and memorize algebra in an easier and more entertaining way.”

Mr. Nieves’ unique way of teaching has made him an outstanding teacher and a legend to Saint John’s School.