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Nicole Barrocas, Journalist

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My basketball coach always makes sure to end our team huddles with, “acuerdense que el juego siempre será 5 vs. 7” (remember the game will always be 5 vs 7, the 5 players from the opposing team and 2 referees against us). He refers to the fact that we have to keep in mind that the referees are not always fair, therefore we have to keep our head in the game and not on the scoreboard or the calls the referees make.

Sportsmanship is very important when it comes to playing for school teams because your character reflects upon your school and what they have taught you over the years. Bad sportsmanship sets a bad reputation for not only yourself but for your school as well, making other schools hesitate when deciding whether or not to invite your school to tournaments or other private schools activities.

My varsity basketball team made it to the PRHSAA finals. We had mixed feelings about the game because we were excited to play but sad to say goodbye to our senior teammates whom we had been playing with for many years.

We were on the court, Laura Reichard (11th) was about to jump for the jump-ball and we begin to feel the opposing team ridiculing us, as if they were somewhat superior to us. They had this attitude like if they were already sure of the fact that they were going to win. Although in the beginning I did not let it get into my head, the laughs I heard when one of us made a mistake or the constant mocking at things we did throughout the game began to get annoying after a while. Although basketball is meant to be an aggressive sport, there are rules and these girls either were not aware of the rules or just did not care about breaking them. They pushed, elbowed, and kneed us as if there was no tomorrow.

Being an athlete, at times it becomes very difficult to control your temper. It is a matter of respecting the game- your team, opponent, coach, and referees. Once you learn to respect the game, you learn good sportsmanship. Respect closely relates and mirrors the concept of sportsmanship. Respect can be seen through many aspects of the game:

  • putting team goals before your own
  • pick up your teammates
  • learn and understand the rules of the game
  • always try your best
  • take care of equipment
  • know that you made a commitment, therefore be punctual and go to all practices and games unless you have a valid excuse
  • accept that loosing sometimes is okay
  • keep your head up
  • do not be a sore-loser
  • do your best
  • don’t brag
  • Most importantly… HAVE FUN