Women Gamers


Claudia Díaz

Ivana Rivera 10th Grade

Claudia Diaz, Writer

Do you think gaming is geared towards guys?

Merriam- Websters defines the word “community” as:” a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society.”  There are various communities scattered throughout our culture, such as the slime community, the makeup community,  the ASMR community, the gaming community, etc.

Claudia Díaz
Nicolas Cid, 10th Grade

The gaming community, among others is thought by many to be predominated by the male spectrum. We usually see the gamers playing in the library and the senior lounge. Just from looking at gamers, we see a ton of guys, and little to no girls. I interviewed Ivana Rivera, a female gamer from 10th grade, on her opinion related to the matter. When asked if the gaming community was dominated by males, she said, “I don’t think that’s the case, but I feel like it’s portrayed that way.” She considers the view of “males dominating the gaming community” as a stereotype that is completely UNTRUE. On the other hand, Nicolas Cid, a male gamer from 10th grade, agreed with the stereotype of “male domination over the gaming community.” When asked if some games were made specifically for guys, he said, ” I think the targeted audience for some games is definitely geared towards guys, but I don’t think that means that girls aren’t allowed to play it or use it. It’s simply a matter of preference.”

In order to get the opinion of the rest of the school, I sent a survey to the secondary school. 85% of the students said that the gaming community is “dominated by males,” while only 14% said it “wasn’t.” When asked if females hid their interest in gaming, 52 % answered “yes,” while  47% said “no.” It is a stereotype for girls to hide their hobbies which can be considered “geeky or manly” in order to not affect their reputation. The last question I asked was whether they were the only girl in the gaming group when playing. 45% said “no,” while 25% said “yes.” The results were surprising as they debunked the general stereotype.

We are in an important period in our life; this is where we discover who we are, make memories, and have fun. Sadly, we are also transitioning to a period where social pressures impact our lives. We are expected to follow the societal norms. Sometimes we hear things like, “woman have to like makeup, be delicate, and act all girly.” On the contrary, women are also a part of the gaming community, just like men. Every day more and more women are opening up about their gaming passion. Hopefully, soon there will be no need to hide the interest!

Here are some highlights from the Survey: