Natalie Cohen, Technology

You would be lying if you haven’t fantasized about how it would feel to go back to kinder. We all miss having fun arts and crafts activities as our biggest responsibility in school. Many of us would also love to be able to have recess and nap-time every day.

Ms. Maika, the Early Childhood Principal, confirms that arts and crafts, play, and nap-time are what PPK-2nd grade is all about. She says, “These social and emotional skills are the most important for this age group; academics can be learned later.”

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I love the creativity of the small kids. They are like sponges; they learn everything you teach them”

— Ms. Maika

I went over to the Elementary School for a few days to observe. I saw a lot of fun activities, and lots of learning. It’s not the same kind of learning that we do, but it’s important for their age level.

Watch the video to remind yourself a bit about how wonderful it was to be in Early Elementary!