Saint John’s Alumni Create Clothing Line


Valeria Gómez, Writer

Robert McCloskey and Ania Santana, members of the class of 2019, are the founders and designers behind Bleach Brand, a clothing brand based in New York City. As an artist who began painting in 6th grade, McCloskey’s styles and techniques have evolved and improved throughout the years. Ania, on the other hand, was inspired by the modern and clean aesthetics she was surrounded by during her school year in New York. A year ago they began creating their own unique style by blending these two talents; Bleach Brand was a way for them to express their artistic aesthetic beyond a Saint John’s School art classroom or the doodles in their notebooks. 

In a world that may seem male dominated, Bleach Brand comes to change human perspective. The brand has the goal of female empowerment through the designs of the aesthetic of the female body through cartoon drawing. Within a year the brand has been able to launch three collections: Ego, Saturation and Plastic. The three collections all empower the women and their body. Ego simply revolves around the female body; Saturation is a more modern collection inspired by the city of Tokyo, while Plastic presents items with some sort of plastic on them while also featuring the female body. Ania focused on the “Saturation” collection, which was created as an ode to the boyband Brockhampton, since the brand name was inspired by their song “BLEACH.” Throughout the collections they have been able to combine both of their simplistic and saturated designs. 

As resilient and diligent students, they manage their responsibilities at school and those of creative directors of their own company. Robert commented he focused on his brand late at night; it’s when he gets his inspiration and creativity. Designing is what he loves to do so he doesn’t mind sacrificing his sleep for the creative process.

Their collections are made to target and attract young adults who have a minimalist street style. Through the focus on female empowerment the style has traveled world wide with customers in Sweden, Norway, London, Spain and across the United States.