Cooking Srta.


Jacqui Glago, Journalist


Decadent chocolate cakes, garnished with Kit-Kats and Ferrero Rocher. Rows and rows of donuts each meticulously hand-decorated. Delicately frosted floral cupcakes. To many, Valeria Gómez is known as a responsible student and president of the NHS, yet her innate talent for baking scrumptious desserts has only recently come to light. 

Valeria has recently opened her own business for selling pastries, and it continues to grow in popularity. Cooking Srta. began as a nickname that Valeria’s brother gave her, as she always seemed to be in the kitchen. This later developed into the instagram handle (@cooking.srta) in which she posts pictures of all of her creations. Finally, she established Cooking Srta. as the name of her business.

I grew up in the kitchen. My grandmother, my aunt, my entire family taught me how to cook”

— Valeria

“I grew up in the kitchen. My grandmother, my aunt, my entire family taught me how to cook,” Valeria says. This hobby transitioned into a business on Thanksgiving day, in which Valeria organized a meal for her entire family… alone. The truly outstanding course, however, was dessert! Her mother encouraged her to make an instagram account in which she could advertise and sell her baked goods, and by Christmas Valeria was selling coquito by the bottle along with other goodies.

Her business really grew, however, after a summer internship in Barcelona at Escribá Bakery. After four weeks of shadowing Christián Escribá, crafting caramel, fondant, and chocolate treats, Valeria gained the tools she needed in order to make her company flourish.

As Cooking Srta. developed, her father gave her the tools to become financially independent in her baking endeavors; he took her to the bank in which she got a separate credit card specifically for her business. Her profits go into the bank account, and are used to pay for ingredients, equipment, and all other cooking expenditures. Valeria has learned the hard way what amount of money should be charged for each order. She says, “On my first order I charged too little and ended up losing money.” This, however, has allowed her to become more effective as a business woman.

She recently tackled her biggest project yet: 600 donuts for the Re-Opening of Nordstroms in the Mall of San Juan on November 9th. The Nordstroms representative got in contact with Valeria through her instagram account on September 27. Since then, Valeria has spent her time testing different recipes, in order to ensure perfection.

In the future, Valeria does not see herself becoming a professional baker, yet she knows that the knowledge that she has gained with regards to all aspects of being a business woman will be invaluable for her future endeavors.