The Journey that led to the Championship Game


Varsity Volleyball Team

Carolina Camacho, Journalist

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Varsity Volleyball team won the League Volleyball Championship game on October 30, 2018. Not only did we enjoy the victory, but we enjoyed every single moment in the season. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to accomplish that ultimate goal. Every school dreams of being able to win that Championship because it’s the most important, but being able to leave with that victory for the second time in a row was one of our proudest moments!

Coach Yarleen Santiago said, “This team was able to make it to the championship game because of the determination of stepping on the court and wanting to win the title. Although we had a slow start, these girls followed the game plan and were able to stick it to the end. I also believe that the experience of most of these girls of being in this type of scenario helped the team enjoy the game regardless of the score and adversary. I am very proud to be part of this 5 star group of student athletes.” 

This championship meant a lot to us because it was like a farewell to our Seniors that have become our sisters over the years.”

— Nicole Barrocas, libero

This season’s libero, Nicole Barrocas, says, “For many of us, we’ve been playing together for more than four years. This championship meant a lot to us because it was like a farewell to our seniors that have become our sisters over the years.”

I’m not going to talk about the whole journey leading to the championship, but I am going to say that there were some major sacrifices that the players had to make. The championship game was a symbol of how we got there because we earned the victory. Being a student-athlete is not easy at all. Along with that, being a teen is tough because each and every one of us has a life outside of volleyball and school.

The point is, it took a lot of dedication and focus to be able to pull off a win. It took work ethic, teamwork, and the concentration through 3 stressful sets. The team had good energy and gave it their all. The players (Lara Torruella, Laura Reichard, Maria Ferrer, Nicole Barrocas, Carolina Camacho, Shannon Morales, Gabriela Valdivieso, Sofia Langan, Camille Vidal, Jacqui Glago and Victoria Cotto) deserved to take the victory home!