Do we really want PE?

Yong Yan (Cindy) Chan, Journalist

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING to have pilates, surfing, beach volleyball, yoga, swimming, etc. as an elective? Well, it’s not going to happen because of lack of time, space, and teacher arrangement.

Mr. Melvin Alicea (Photographer: Cindy Chan)

Although we don’t have Physical Education (PE) from tenth grade and on, the school did experiment with “Lifetime Fitness” as an elective a couple of years back. Unfortunately, it did not work out. There were only two classes, each only containing 6 to 7 students, and 90% of the students were already athletes.

Mr. Melvin Alicea, a Secondary PE teacher that has been working with the school for 30 years, thinks this is a “bummer.” He believes that this activity or elective would be great for students, not only physically but also mentally. In other words, exercising helps blood flow better, which means more energy and oxygen. Therefore, it makes our brain perform better. For example, there is an experiment where two schools compared each others SAT scores, and the school that got PE classes in the morning had higher SAT scores.

“Even though SAT scores are important for college, they don’t care if you took Physical Education or not,” said Djiara Meehan.  However, if you did but didn’t pass the class, colleges might find it peculiar. This is because PE is considered an elective, which are mostly graded for effort. If you get a low grade, then this would show colleges how a student is not giving enough energy or are not trying enough in that specific elective. Physical Education is as valuable as taking any art or computer classes because as students, we need a balance between our academic courses and self-care. This implies that college won’t pay attention if you took eight academic classes or 25 AP classes if your body can’t function properly.

Djiara Meehan (DJ) & Marley (Photographer: Cindy Chan)



Djiara Meehan, also known as “DJ,” says students should think about choosing PE as an alternative elective as long as they think they would enjoy it.