Two Takes On The Senior Entrance

Porter Sharpe and Lourdes Perez

Porter Sharpe-

I woke up with mixed feelings, I was excited, tired, and nervous. It was finally happening, the senior entrance. I had watched many of my older peers do their senior entrance and it was finally my turn. I began walking by myself to the area where we were supposed to meet up and as I began walking some friends joined me and we walked together. We all just followed the ant trail of blue shirts. When I arrived I saw all of my friends in their uniforms for the first time. It was surreal, at that moment it had finally dawned on me that we had made it and were actually seniors. Everyone was greeting each other and there were many shared hugs. One by one more students would show up and everyone would yell their name and cheer for them as they made their way towards the group of students. We took a group picture and some videos and of course we had some problems doing that but that’s why my senior class is fun and unique.

 Very soon the bus arrived and we knew it was time. Students ran on the bus wanting to get to the front but I stayed back with my friends; I have rarely seen my classmates have so much energy, especially at about 7:30. The bus took off and the music started, of course everyone was complaining about the music but it really didn’t matter because everyone was having fun. We were all packed on the bus and everyone was yelling and making as much noise as possible. We were on Ashford and the pedestrians were staring at us and some were even taking videos. Some people on the street were waving while others just stared at us having fun. We did a loop around Condado and by the end the reactions were all the same but we were just approaching the school and that’s where the fun really began. We all ran out of the bus and glanced at our parents as we got into a big circle. Then the music began and men on giant stilts came out of nowhere and everyone was dancing.

This was my last, first day of high school”

— Porter Sharpe

Seeing the joy on my friends’ faces was amazing and it seemed like everyone was having an amazing time. Eventually hearing the same song over and over got a little old and when we moved from the courtyard to the back of the cafeteria it seemed like it was very repetitive. I didn’t fully understand why we had to move somewhere else to do the same thing. After it ended we went straight to class and it was school all over again, but different. This was my last, first day of high school.

Lourdes Perez-

All of the anticipation and emotions that build up during eleventh grade and the summer concerning the pending senior year are released and expressed during the senior entrance. On the first day of class, everyone gathers together for the first time as official seniors to manifest their emotions. Happiness and excitement take the front seat and all of the anxieties and worries caused by the college process are forgotten, even if just for the duration of the entrance.

We paraded into the school, wearing our uniforms for the first time. We ran through the halls and the cafeteria, this was our time and all the attention was on us. The underclassmen, the parents, and loved ones had come to watch us smile from our contagious joy.

We are celebrating the fact that we are seniors, but at the same time we are mourning the fact that it is all coming to an end.”

— Lourdes Perez

This is the beginning of the end. From this point onward, we are officially seniors and our moments left in high school  are becoming shorter and shorter.