when nice was the norm

Sofia Langan, Creative Writing

Dented teeth.
Follow your dream.
Be unique.
A few extra pounds were cute.
The more piggy tails, the better.
A doctor, a firefighter, an astronaut.
The possibility of the impossible.
Speaking your mind wasn’t annoying, or weird,
or even brave.
Wear what you want.
Boy, girl, pink, blue, yellow.
When clothing catalogs were storybooks.
The food pyramid consisted of ice-cream flavors,
(cookie dough always at the top.)
When girls admired girls.
Admired, not envied.
A whispering game: telephone, not Gossip.
Braces off. Low carb. Why does everyone have the same white shoes, with the same logo?
New trend alert: Price tags.
Accidental eye contact means someone’s talking bad.
Conversation without meaning.
Hugs are valueless: two bodies, solely in contact.
Superficial standards.
Dreams and goals dissolved
in meaningless expectations
and all we wished to never become.