Juliana Charak


Rebecca Jacobs

Juliana Charak is currently attending Washington University in St. Louis after having graduated Saint John’s in 2015. At the moment, she is travelling abroad and visiting amazing places such as Amsterdam, Prague, Zurich, Helsinki, and Lisbon. During the next couple months, she plans on also visiting Barcelona, Paris, Florence, and Budapest.

Where are you now? I am studying Global Health at Washington University in St. Louis, but this semester I am studying abroad in Copenhagen.

How did Saint John’s prepare you for college? The teachers and people at Saint John’s are definitely what prepared me for college. They fostered a supportive environment where I had the chance to explore different subjects and figure out what I was interested in.

What is your favorite thing about college? The amazing people and the collaborative environment at Wash U is what makes it such a good place to be studying. Also, the number of courses available and the freedom in choosing those courses.

Is there anything you miss about high school? I miss my friends and the small classes at Saint John’s. Having attended since I was in PreK, it was my second home for so many years.

What is your favorite thing about studying abroad? I love having the chance to study and explore a new country. I also love having a chance to travel to other countries in Europe.