360 view of SJS


The Eye is your 360 view of Saint John’s School and beyond

For the very first time in its history, Saint John’s School is offering an online magazine journalism class. While building the magazine we encountered two major obstacles: hurricanes Irma  and Maria. However, once technology was available again, we kept going and, finally, our first edition is here.

In a hurricane, “the eye” is a place of calm in an otherwise difficult force of nature. We want our magazine to be a positive, relaxing space, where readers can find interesting content that catches their attention, is entertaining and often has an innovative twist.

We also aim to highlight the talents of our community and give readers a peek into our classrooms. “The Eye” looks to the inside world of Saint John’s and also into what is of interest to the students who create it and those who read it. Together we pushed the sails of talent and created a magazine we are truly proud of. We hope you enjoy it!

*A big thank you to Lorraine Lago, David Sanabria, Meredith Charak, Maria de Lourdes Seijo, and Aaron Mannfull for supporting this project from idea to its cyber-presence.