You Can’t Use the Word “I”

Claudia Díaz


The 9th grade English  class had a blast making projects for their final in December. They read the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand. The characters in this book cannot use the word “I” because it is forbidden. The main character’s name is Equality 7-2521, and throughout the novella, he searches for his individuality. For the project, there were many options to choose from, and I can assure you they were very creative. Students had the option to do written projects, visual projects and media projects. As a class requirement, students also created posters with their favorite quotes from the book.

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Below are samples of each of the options that students had to show their understanding of the novella.


Movie Posters


Social Media Pages

Creative Stories



Students created a playlist that reflects the themes in the novella.

Gabriela Acevedo

  1. Wake Up Alone – The Chainsmokers – Equality 7-2521 has been living this all his life. It talks about waking up alone and never having anyone to talk to
  2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran – In Equality 7-2521’s eyes Liberty 5-3000 is perfect.
  3. Black Spiderman – Logic – People should be different and not be afraid to be who they want to be.
  4. Breaking Free – Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens – Equality has a fear of breaking free of his capitalist community and standing up for what is just.
  5. Redemption Song – Bob Marley – Equality 7-2521 because goes through adversity and a really rough patch in his life, but he overcomes it
  6. Bodies Electric – Ashley Jana – Two people are so attracted to each other that they go electric or, in other words, crazy.
  7. 2 Poor Kids – Ruth B -A society where everyone is free to be themselves and to not care about others.
  8. Power and Control – Marina and the Diamonds – This song tells the story of someone proving that they are strong and that they can overcome the person who is controlling them.
  9. Human – Rag’n’Bone – Equality 702521 is brave, courageous and all but he is human and doing all of that alone with just a couple of friends is only going to take him so far.
  10. Fighter – Christina Aguilera -A classic and it is an empowering anthem for anyone who needs a nudge of courage to take a stand.
  11. I Fall Apart – Post Malone – Even though Equality 7-2521 is not “falling apart”, at the beginning of the book he is all alone living alone in sadness and silence.

Alexandra Santiago

  1. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey – Equality 7-2521 would listen to this song when he was young, and he would think about the future and the job he wanted to get later.
  2. Hard Knock Life – Annie – Equality 7-2521 would listen to this song while he was working as a street sweeper and thinking about why couldn’t he be a scholar.
  3. I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men – This song would automatically start playing on Equality 7-2521’s playlist the moment he saw Liberty 5-3000.
  4. Secret Love Song – Little Mix – Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 would be hearing this song at the same time when they saw each other for the second time.
  5. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor – Equality 7-2521 would be listening to this song when he got caught working on his invention and then he was held captive in a room because he didn’t want to tell the others what he was doing.
  6. It’s the End of the WorldR.E.M. – Equality 7-2521 would be listening to this song when he starts to run away from the rest of society and into the uncharted forest. He would have no idea where he’s going or to where this adventure would lead him to.
  7. Unconditionally  Katy Perry –This song would help set the mood for when Liberty 5-3000 would tell Equality 7-2521 that she wanted to be with him and not with the rest of humanity.
  8. I Just Want to Be With You – Enrique Iglesias – This song would help set the mood for when Liberty 5-3000 would tell Equality 7-2521 that she wanted to be with him and not with the rest of humanity
  9. Our House – Crosby Stills and Nash – When Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 found the house in the uncharted forest they would be listening to this song.
  10. GoddessBANKS – I chose this song because it sounds very magical and the way Equality 7-2521 told Liberty 5-3000 that he saw her as a goddess was just very sweet.