Harry Potter Spells

Claudia Diaz, Writer

Wingadium Leviosa! – Harry Potter Spells in 7th Grade

The seventh graders in Ms. Braver’s had a writing assignment where they were asked to create their own Harry Potter spells.  Students thought about the positive and negative consequences of using that spell. Should you be able to use it whenever you want? Should there be limits to where and when you can use it? They also reflected on the advantages and disadvantages of using magic to solve their problems.

Here are three spells that were created by Andrea Avila, Isabella Bogaty, Alia Marrero, who had to pretend they weren’t muggles anymore and became wizards for a day.

Perfecta Sanitas! by Andrea Ávila

         As a witch that goes to Hogwarts I know many spells but my favorite one is called “perfecta sanitas” [perfect-a sa-nee-tas] which means “perfect health” in Latin. This spell makes everyone you use it on become healthy and feel better immediately. The best part about this spell is that it has no negative consequences unless you use it for evil of course, in which case the person would be healthy, but the result will most likely be positive since you would take their sickness.  You can use this spell anywhere, but you are only allowed to use it with people that truly need it and if they agree with you using a spell on them. I think using magic to solve problems is ok as long as you know the consequences of the spell and you are ok with them and you won’t affect anyone’s life in a bad way. Also, if you are casting spells on people I think the people should be aware and agree with you casting a spell on them. The advantages of not having magic to solve are problems are that we learn how to deal with problems on our own and don’t have to rely on magic. You can use this spell to help millions. For example, you could go to places that are going through natural disasters, like hurricanes and help save many lives. In conclusion, I think that using magic is ok, but only on necessary occasions and if you are 100% sure that you can’t solve the situation without it.

(This spell will make you have a perfect health. Gosh, if that was real it would be useful )


Tempus Expectandum – Cheterum Tempus by Isabella Bogaty

      I sometimes need to stop time to be able to catch up or do things I need to do and fit them all into one day. This spell is needed to get things done on a deadline or to relax. The spell works like this. You say “Tempus Expectandum” to pause time. When time is paused, things still function but all time and living things stop (except you, of course), so you are alone. If you do not want to be alone, the people that you want to be with and yourself need to say the spell at the same time. People who are frozen will not remember or know what is happening during the pause. When you want to resume time just say “Cheterum Tempus”. Things will continue the same, but you will have done what you did during the paused time. The only limit to this spell is that if you use the spell too many times for unnecessary reasons, then it will not work for you ever again. This is so people don’t take this spell for granted. Magic helps us solve our problems in an easier way. Not having magic to help us solve our problems is also good because if you just rely on magic, you will not learn how to solve the problem yourself.

(I want this spell to exist. Imagine being able to stop time and be able to have more time to study Physics, Geometry, etc.)

Epimeleia by Alia Marrero
If we need a spell to help every single person in the world with their work it would be a proofreading spell because people make grammar mistakes all the time. Epimeleia (E-pi-me-leia) is a spell that will proofread your work. A lot of times people make silly mistakes when writing sentences or paragraphs or essays. Since wizards don’t have computers and since they never actually went to real school for English or Math, they make a lot of mistakes. Also, not everyone has someone like Hermione who will check your work. So, the spell Epimeleia will proofread your work. When it finds a mistake it will correct the mistake but also will explain what you did wrong and how you have to fix the mistake. Some positive things that will come from the spell is that people won’t have to re-do their work if the did it wrong. Also, it saves you time. For example, when you are writing an essay and one word you wrote was wrong but you don’t know why and you try to go through a dictionary to find the word and how to spell it correctly. That takes a bunch of time. With the spell, you will learn immediately. Some negative things is that some people won’t pay attention to the mistakes and just care if the work is right. Then they will never learn. That is why you can only use the spell about 4 times a week and you can’t use the spell for tests. If you try to use the spell for a test, you will be forbidden from ever using the spell again. Sometimes I want us to have magic but other times I don’t because then we learn more. Sure, when you have to do chores or get things that are far away, you want to use magic but when we solve problems without magic we learn and become more independent. We don’t have to rely on things or people because we can do it ourselves.

(I know I need this for my English essays. A spell that proofreads, corrects mistakes and explains what you did wrong sounds very useful not only for wizards but for us muggles too)